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Crew Management

Crew Management

The core business of our Company is the crewing – manning of the ships, especially offshore types and we give to it a special attention.

Crew Travel

Crew Travel

Embarkation - Disembarkation flights for seafarers; IATA approved, additional  agreements with each airline, we offer special "marine rates"

Crew Training

Crew Training

For our clients organising special offshore training courses like HUET, BOSIET, H2S, HLO and other as per request

MARINER - Pomorska Agencija MUSTRA d.o.o.

MARINER Ltd provides full package for SHIPOWNERS: Crewing - manning, airplane tickets for seamen and special training courses.  Similar for SEAMEN: Finding the best available jobs with the reputable shipowners according to their experience - certificates.

  • 16SEP2016

    - Master Certificate (Master 200 or 500 or higher GT)
    - Required experience on Crewboats as master; net seaservice, depending on the clients are:
    - BP: 2 years
    - TOTAL: 1 year
    - DSME: 3 months

    10 Pilota-Skipera potrebno


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  • 06SEP2016

    Preporučljivo MPSV ili slično iskustvo; glavni brevet preko 3000GT, 24 mjeseca na DP2,3 brodu, Fast Rescue Boat brevet.

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  • 30AUG2016

    Zahtjev klijenta (Aramco) minimum 2 godine čiste navigacije na DP2-3 MPSV (IMR-Subsea).
    English MARLINS test 80% min. (min. 70% per section) 
    Plus je iskustvo na DP Converteam i/ili Cummins strojevima

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  • 08AUG2016

    Breveti preko 3000GT; Aramco traži 24 mjeseca u rangu na DP brodovima, iskustvo na DP Converteam je plus.

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  • 26JUL2016

    Klijent traži 24 mjeseca u rangu na offshore brodovima. Brod je preko 3000kw.

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  • 20APR2016
    Bourbon Offshore has announced the purchase of 100 percent of Singapore-based Greenship Gas, a gas transportation holding company previously belonging to JACCAR Holdings, Bourbon's majority shareholder. For $320 million, Bourbon... Read more
  • 18FEB2016
    Poštovani pomorci, shodno najnovijim zakonskim promjenama u 2016. godini, na CROSMA stranici (udruga pomorskih agencija) imate online servis za informativni obračun doprinosa.                    ... Read more
  • 01JUN2015
    We are glad to announce that Pomorska Agencija MUSTRA doo has been approved from MARLINS as Test Centre for English language. Three type of tests are:                            ... Read more
  • 26JUN2014
    The second day Bourbon held presentation for all seamen interested working on offshore ships; response was big, from more than hundred guys. Read more
  • 26JUN2014
    Two days seminar organised in Trogir by our client Bourbon Offshore Greenmar from Switzerland. The first day participated seafarers employed already with the client; the goal was upgrading the relations and finding the solutions for difficulties which... Read more
What and how we do it
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  • Offshore ship MPSV - multipurpose suport vessel
  • Bourbon's ship - AHTS - Offshore anchorhandler
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  • marine ship offshore training course HUET H2S BOSIET
  • offshore ship ROV MPSV survey

A company steered by the marine professionals with years of experience serving the worldwide marine and shipping community.


  • Crew Management / Manning
  • Crew Travel
  • Crew Training


  • Experienced Professionals (Officers and Ratings)
  • Quality and Cost Effective Operations
  • Flexibility / Adaptability to Principal's Needs
Our featured clients – partners
  • Bourbon Offshore Greenmar - Switzerland
  • Seacor Offshore