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Date posted Embarkation Date Rank Ship type Contract Trading area Qualifications - experience
11/12/2017 Master FSIV 70-70 dana GUINEA EQ

Mandatory requirement: 1 year on FSIV vessel. 270Eur/day.

Croatian and ex-YU only; requirement from client.

17 01 2018 Deck Forman MPSV 49 - 70 days Angola

Kandidat mora imati SUB SEA OPERATION iskustvo. Plaća 240 Euro/dan.

Our client accepts only Croatians and ex-YU nationalities.

22.11.2017 Engine Cadet (vježbenik stroja) PSV 90 dana Zapadna Afrika (Angola)

Klijent daje prednost kandidatima sa višom školom; plaća 14.54 Euro/dan za period na brodu.

22/11/2017-13/12/2017-17/01/2018-31/01/2018 Crane Operator Large MPSV 49 - 70 days West Africa (Angola)

Should have: STAGE 3, Security Duties, HUET etc
Experience from vessel with LARGE cranes-subsea operations.
Client wants Croatians or ex YU only.

22/11/2017; 13/12/2017; 17/01/2018; 31/01/2018 2M DPO MPSV 49 - 70 days Angola
Treba imati:  KONGSBERG Experience, Furuno TECDIS Certificate, DP unlimted Cert, HUET etc 
Iskustvo: 12 months experience from Subsea operations or similar
Plaća Euro250/dan.
13/12/2017 and 31/01/2018 ETO MPSV 49 days Angola

Client asks (strictly): KONGSBERG DP Maintenance, HUET, Security Duties,  other classic documents; Experience on offshore vessels required; Daily Salary: 220 EURO

asap Repair Manager (Engineer) - Dock Master Repair shipyard 2-2 months (+/-) Nigeria

Potrebno iskustvo na tim poslovima.

Plaća Eur 4000 kontinuirano; za vrijeme rada u škveru i doma. Smještaj obezbjeđen; plus dodatak na hranu. Održavanje offshore brodova (AHTS, PSV, Crewboats ...)

ASAP Crewboat Master - Surfer Skipper Crewboat 70-70 dana Nigeria
Two positions
Experience required: 36 Months months seatime and 12 months as pilot on crew boat.
polovica listopada Crane Operator MPSV - Offshore 70-70 dana Saudijska Arabija

Potreban Stage3, 1 godina na MPSV, Euro250/dan.

Prvi ugovor 90 dana, kasnije 70-70.

sredina Oct ETO MPSV - Offshore prvi 90 dana, kasnije 70 Saudijska Arabija

Klijent traži: 2 godine iskustva na DP brodovima; DP Maintenance i Aramco approval prednost.

If you are interested, notify your availability as soon as possible.



We occasionally have vacancies for the following positions:

On Offshore ships:

  • Master for MPSV, PSV, AHT, AHTS, Seismic with DP certification
  • Chief Engineers for MPSV, PSV, AHT, AHTS, Seismic
  • Chief Engineers and Captains for FSIV (crewboats)
  • Chief Mates for MPSV, PSV, AHT, AHTS, Seismic with DP Certification
  • 2nd Engineers with Offshore experience
  • 2nd Mates with DP Licences
  • 3rd Engineers preferably with the offshore experience
  • Electricians
  • Deck Foremen for maintenance and light subsea intervention vessels
  • Crane Operators with offshore experience and Sparrow 2, 3 certificates

On Chemical, crude OIL and Product Tankers:

  • Master 3000 GT or more
  • Chief Mate 3000 GT or more
  • 2nd and 3rd Mates
  • Chief Engineers 3000 KW or more
  • 2nd Engineers 3000 KW or more
  • 3rd and 4th Engineers
  • Electricians

On Bulk Carriers and Containers:

  • Master 3000 GT or more
  • Chief Mate 3000 GT or more
  • 2nd and 3rd Mates
  • Chief Engineers 3000 KW or more
  • 2nd Engineers 3000 KW or more
  •  3rd and 4th Engineers
  • Electricians